As the national debate on Gun Control Continues on, Innocent people die each day from unexplainable acts of violence. It is especially sad when teenagers and children are the victims of such crime.


Mighty Mojo, a veteran owned company, decided to take action to protect against shooting violence. We invented a product that will save lives. Our product is called the LifePlate™ Shield which is 15 times stronger than steel, weighs only one pound and is only 3/8th of an inch thick. These certified NIJ IIIA shields are super strong, super light, and super portable



LifePlate personal shields are built strong to protect you anywhere. At schools, colleges, work, stores, the bank, traveling, and could even be used by police in and out of their patrol cars.


The LifePlate shield is available with your choice of durable nylon cover in blue, red, black, and customized for larger orders. With 2 different sizes, 12 x 15 inches (20 oz.) and

10 x 14 inches (15 oz.), you can convert a backpack, briefcase, carry-bag, the door of your car, almost anything into your personal hidden bullet-proof shield.



LifePlate™ Backpack Inserts

LifePlate™ Auto Shield

LifePlate™ Classroom Shield

 LifePlate Bulletproof Products